Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Bargee is a 1964 British comedy film

I was eleven, 1964, my parents took me to (Bridlington, East Yorkshire) see the The Bargee [PG] . My dad did seem quite exited to go.  I fell in love.  Something in the film, no idea what yet, as I am yet to replay it, just blew me away.  My love [a deep desire/need for more] of The Bargee meant; three days later I turned up for the afternoon performance, pretended to be 16 (I was a freaky flying machine) and the girl on the counter (also pretending to be 16) smiled and took my money. 

I loved it even more the second time around.  Heaven would have looked, smelt and tasted like being The Bargee

I am about to go and re-watch a movie that changed my life….For a start I felt the adrenalin (endorphin)  rush, walking confidently into the cinema to bluff my age.

He ho.