Monday, 30 March 2015

A thought for Monday morning!

I had a wet start to the week and living on a boat in Docklands is certainly not as glamorous as it is in the summer. I jumped on the tube at Tower Hill (seeing the sea of poppies grow around the Tower of London last year brought me to tears on many a morning)  going  to Bond Street. As my journey time is 25 minutes (subject to delays), I can close my eyes and meditate.  This morning’s meditation was more of a story and it goes like this:

Imagine you have been chosen, told, to run next year’s London Marathon.  However, it’s not quite like the standard marathon because you are allowed to tackle, kick and knock people out of the way. I once saw a film called Rollerball -  it’s just as violent as Rollerball.

The race starts but one of the additional rules of this particular race is; if you don’t win you die. That's it, you are out, you don’t win, you die.

So now you are taking this race quite seriously, aren't you? It's become life or death.

You are on the starting line up and bang the gun goes.  Immediately there are 20,000 other people trying to get across the starting line.  Everyone jostling, kicking and banging.  Then as you go over Tower Bridge it wobbles and throws you from side to side. People are behaving like Jonah Lomu (a bloody big All Black rugby player) and trampling all over you because they know, that unless they get there first, they don't live.

If I asked you what you considered your chances of winning this race were, ‘dream on mate' or ‘not much chance’ may be the response.

Just think about that for a moment because I am just about to get off the underground as I have got to change stops at Westminster Station - which is an award winning extravaganza of concrete and steel. Swanky and air-conditioned. Presumably because it is next to the Houses of Parliament. A dear friend thinks the station is badly designed, ugly and dull. Accepting another's point of view is a trait I sometimes find difficult.
So anyway where was I? (I'm now on the Jubilee Line). Oh yes,  you're in this race and if you don’t win, you die.  But the catch is, you have no choice. Participation is compulsory. 

And the point I am making here is:-

The first thing that ever happened to each and every one of us, was being shot across a starting line - out of a penis  -( there are between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation) and having to go on just the marathon that I have described in order to find an egg and create yourself. 
So in truth the first thing you ever did in life was to win such a race - you won and you lived. 

You were born a winner.

It's worth remembering sometimes.