Friday, 23 March 2018

Rugby Injuries and Cannabis. Part 1

Did you know Holland & Barrett have made record profits on the back of selling good old weed?

CANNABIS oil is now available at high street health shop Holland & Barrett and sales have skyrocketed. The health store has become the first high street store to sell the product...”
By KATRINA TURRILL. Daily Express Thu, Feb 15, 2018

The Daily Mail concurred so it must be true! 

I have a dear old school friend called Slam. I will explain the name shortly, be patient. Many years ago Slam discovered (Amsterdam rugby 7’s) the amazing healing power of cannabis (oil or whatever) in dealing with pain relief resulting from rugby injuries. When touring Canada (Slam was at this point known as ‘The Flying Pig’) with Harlequins RFC the cannabis medicine was shared in the team bus.

Ok, why Slam? Apparently his dad, also known as Slam, bashed into folk on rugby pitch. He was brilliant at it, played at Wembley and captained Featherstone Rovers. So, when his son bashed into folk at school and played at Twickenham (He also played for St Helen's, that's for later) so they also called him Slam.

Anyway 10 years ago, cannabis was still considered a dangerous illegal drug but Slam decided to grow it as an alternative to taking Tramadol (opiate base and addictive) for his various rugby injuries.  Problem was Slam had no garden, but his dad did!

Dad was the 'dogs bollocks' of a gardener. Old Slam and wife lived in Pontefract (home of the famous liquorice cakes) in a bungalow with a small, but discrete, garden even though surrounded by the new 'posh' houses at the back.  Sort of folk who would go to Wentbridge House Hotel for, parties and stuff.

So Slam junior has the bigger job persuading his mum who thinks the police will be round 'cos she has read all about cannabis growing in The Pont & Cas Xpress (she starts collecting cuttings - honest) and she's not sure, but will give it a go. Old Slams grandchildren buy him the books.

Research is needed to find the best combination of CBD (Pain relief) and THC (loads of stuff) for rugby injuries.  Plus one that will grow outdoors Up North with not much light. 

Sensi Seeds Northern Lights is the winner.  Five seeds arrive by Royal Mail three days later.

Part 2 shortly.

Have a good weekend.


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  1. Interesting stuff. I live in a country that recently legalised the use of cannabis for medical reasons; but it cannot be obtained anywhere because the Government is waging war on drugs by shooting those caught in possession or even suspected of being involved in drugs.