Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Best drug I know. £10 for a 2 1/2  hour fix. Buy on the door. It involved driving to Glastonbury town hall on a wet and rainy Monday evening.
My pension kicks in (I’m 65) 0n 29th April 2018.  It’s time to get high!
The drug is slow to kick in. It's hard but I'm told is called 'the second wind' and I have to be patient. Some young lad (and lass) are making me feel old. They fail to see I am ‘A Lad from Featherstone’ as I leap about, dance and dance and dance and start to feel very short of breath and then this pain down my arm! It’s hard, shaking, pain in my left arm worse, into my shoulder; oh dear what have you taken Colin Lambert (Lambo to his friends). A woman, in a frenzy, stares at me.  She is attractive. A young guy dances in front of me. He is also attractive, bouncing off the ground, arms above his head, chanting ‘I’m alive’.
The music’s good, pumping like and making my heart beat in rhythm with the music. I push on, the pain gets worse, I can’t breathe and then.....
I’m floating, I’m flying, I’m as light as a feather, can float, I’m alive.
And here I am 4 hours later still landing from the drug.
MDMA of course:
Magical Dance Magical Awareness
Or a 5 Rhythms workshop.
Good stuff.
Have you tried it?
Lambo has and it’s fab.

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