Wednesday, 7 March 2018

A Man Thing

It’s a Man Thing trying to make sense of the world I find myself living.
How am I meant to be as a Man.  Strong, powerful, soft, gentle. PC and the rest. It's very confusing trying to be a man in today’s world.
Any man (and I mean enough to sustain the planet) needs sex.  Without it they die.
Why are the media and politicians trying to destroy our very being. A man on tour needs sex. James Bond is the best example I can give.
Every military battle, ever fought, included sexual satisfaction for the officers.  And troops if they were lucky. Bromide in Tea to suppress sexual arousal.  Please everybody get real! Man needs sex. Please understand these kids working for Oxfam and the rest.  They are kids with needs.
Maslow says it very succinctly: Man needs sex or he dies. Yet men of today get no sex! It's true. What do they do?  Look around any University campus in 2018 and there is your answer.  Oxford & Cambridge even
Men are in a mess and they need help.
Am I imagining this?
Food for thought.

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